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Ethiopia Dry Process Dambi Uddo Site

Ethiopia Dry Process Dambi Uddo Site

Cupping Notes:

Interplay of chocolate bittering elements and fruit sweetness, dried pineapple, berry, tropical fruits, hints of dark malt and molasses, a long and complex aftertaste.

Region: Dambi Uddo, Guji Zone, Ethiopia
Farm: Dambi Uddo, Hangadhi, Welena, Chaqta, Sewana, Banti Korbo
Variety: Heirloom Cultivars
Altitude: ~2000-2200 masl
Processing: Raised Bed Sun-Dried

Farm Description:

Dambi Uddo is the name of the town where this coffee processing site is located. It's one of a few wet mills that are operated by Guji Highland Farm, a group who manages their own large semi-forest coffee farms around the Guji area, as well as processing sites where they process their farm coffee as well as coffee from outgrowers in the area. This particular site in Dambi Uddo holds the name "Wodessa", which is also the name of the man who started this whole operation. Last year when we bought this coffee, they were only producing naturals at Wodessa. But this year they've installed a new Penagos mill so they can produce washed coffees as well (they're expecting around 8 full containers split between natural and washed). The station itself sits at 2000 meters above sea level and coffee is pulled from areas as high as 2200 meters. They buy coffee from a few different Kebeles nearby including Dambi Uddo, Hangadhi, Welena, Chaqta, Sewana, Banti Korbo, and some from their own farms as well. Wodessa cooked us an incredible goat dinner when we visited last December and he insisted on putting us up for the night as well. Lucky us, as it was sundown and we were still hours away from our final destination!

    Description from Cafe Imports.

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