Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Fara Sala

Fans of dry-processed coffees from stations like Chele'lektu, Adado, and Aricha are bound to be keen on Fara Sala, a coffee that gets it's name from the Amharic words for producing ripe fruits (as evidenced in the cup). This year Fara Sala is the coffee that's captured our hearts. For dry-process coffee, it's a brilliantly clean example with fruited notes well articulated, not dusty or murky, and a much more pointed finish than you might expect from a natural. This particular lot is comprised of small farm lots within the village of Aramo, located in the highlands not far from Yirga Cheffe town. The altitude ranges from about 1900 - 2100 masl. The heirloom varietal coffee is naturally processed, sun dried on African raised beds, and prepared to Grade 1 specifications.

Notes of berry, apricot, lychee, mango nectar, and tamarind candies.

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