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Guatemala Xinabajul Doña Bernarda

Guatemala Xinabajul Doña Bernarda

Cupping Notes:

This coffee boasts a honeyed sweetness, pleasant nuttiness, and spiced top notes that make for a great daily cup. There's a nutty sweetness as the cup cools, pistachio ice cream, marzipan, those sorts of flavors. As you move through the cup, the finish is highlighted by a black currant note, then baker's cocoa flavor in the long aftertaste. Sweet, rich, and delicious!

Processing: Wet Process
Varietal: Bourbon, Caturra, Typica

Farm Description:

Each year we find new folks in Huehuetenango to buy coffee from, and sometimes we're lucky enough to find a whole family of coffee producers. The Castillos are such a family, and this lot is made up by Bernarda, whose farm is located in the Hoja Blanca area of Cuilco. Hoja Blanca is rife with coffee farmers, like many of these highland regions, and it's an area we've been buying coffee from now for some time, with Finca Regalito/Famila Villatoro being one of our longest interests. Her farm is situated between 1700 and 1800 meters, planted mostly in Caturra and Bourbon. Processing is handled onsite, the coffee is patio dried, and then trucked down to a dry-mill in Antigua. We're several years into our Proyecto Xinabajul, and we're pleased to offer the coffees from our newest members on their own, outside of a custom blend.

Description from Coffee Shrub.

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