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Moka Java SWP Decaf Blend

Moka Java SWP Decaf Blend

Cupping Notes:

Bittersweetness meshing with accent notes of cooked fruit and berry, cinnamon-laced sugar, and browned butter, herbaceaus hints.

Region: Ethiopia and Sumatra
Farm: Various
Variety: Heirloom Types, Modern Hybrids
Altitude: 1100-1500+ masl
Processing: Honey and Dry Process then SWP Decaf

Farm Description:

After the success of our "DIY Decaf Moka Java" blend kit, we've decided to put together our own version pre-blended for you. This isn't something we're blending with green decaf we have on hand, but rather a custom blend of coffees processed together at the Swiss Water decaf plant in Vancouver, BC. The timing for this blend was right. We had a fresh container of Indonesian coffees arrive and plenty of Ethiopia dry process lots to choose from, settling on two from Sumatra and a single dry process from Ethiopia. The goal of the blend was to produce a Moka Java version that showed a big body, brooding bittersweetness when roasted dark, and with some wilder fruit accent notes that can be tempered (or not) with roast development. These three coffees together really hit the mark. The "original" Moka Java was comprised of two of the earliest coffees to be exported from Yemen and Java, hence the name. This modern take on the classic two-origin blend has slightly more acidity due to the Ethiopia ingredient, though still far from a 'bright' coffee. Let's call it, bright for decaf. We're cupping this as I write, and I can honestly say, it's a resounding success and is hard to pinpoint as 'decaf' coffee at all!

    Description from Coffee Shrub.

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