Rwanda Karongi Gitesi

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Gitesi is not only is it located in a beautiful valley, but the washing station looked clean, well-organized, and the leaders seemed motivated and competent. The Gitesi site is at 1740 meters, actually one of the lower areas surrounded by high ridges ranging up to 2000 meters, where coffee is grown. 1,830 coffee farmers in the area supply Gitesi with cherries each year. The station fosters a relationship with the farmers by paying an additional dividend at the end of each season based on performance. Gitesi was started in 2005 and has been building capacity each year. Like much of Rwanda, the coffee is Bourbon variety. Gitesi won COE a couple years back and continues to produce competition level coffees.

Notes from importer Coffee Shrub.

Lemon-like citrus, orange blossom honey, black tea, ginger chews, and an aroma of Clove chewing gum. Wonderful brewed coffee, also good for espresso.

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