Tenebrae Organic Espresso Blend

Hello darkness, my old friend. Tenebrae is designed for total versatility: elegant as a straight shot but sturdy and robust enough to carry its weight in large amounts of dairy. It is a blend of certified organic Africa, South America, Indonesia coffees, equally good as an espresso, with milk, or a dark brew.

Tasting/ Aroma Notes:

Full bodied, with hints of fruit, chocolate, and subtle spice.
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Zoe K.
United States United States
Love it!

I love this coffee! It’s my new favorite now!

Coffee by Gillespie

Whoo hoo!

Alan H.
I need more stars but there are only 5.

Tenebrae is so good.... I used in drip, medium grind from beans. Initial taste is almost fruity, then it takes a hard turn and tastes like a subtle cocoa and nuts that leaves the flavor of warm undercooked chocolate chip cookies in your mouth, but not strong or sweet, just enough to keep you wanting more. So I ordered more. Please tell me this is not a limited coffee. Thank you and God bless.

Coffee by Gillespie

It's a regular blend for us!

A Coffee by Gillespie Customer
John Z.
United States United States
Great coffee!

Thanks! I’m really enjoying my Tenebrae Organic Espresso while working from home. My wife and kids keep commenting how good it smells when I pour it from my French press.

United States United States
Two years of outstanding coffee

I've been receiving Tenebrae monthly for almost two years now. It is my daily Americano (or two or three). Fantastic roast every single month, never burned, always flavorful, and a perfect crema every time. I love this roast and this great company.

Kevin H.
United States United States
Tenebrae: Embrace the darkness as you wait for the light!

Without coffee first thing in the morning, I'm completely useless. I know, please don't remind me again that dark roast coffee has less caffeine and less subtle flavors than the lighter roasts. Let me sit in the silence of the dark early morning with my wonderfully aromatic cup of Tenebrae Espresso Roast coffee as I wait for the first rays of light to pour over the mountains. I will argue with you later as to what constitutes a perfect cup of coffee. Right here, right now, this is the perfect cup of coffee. Caramely, malty, low acidity. Perfect.