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Vigil Limited 2023 Edition Espresso Blend

Vigil Limited 2023 Edition Espresso Blend

Cupping Notes:

It's time to roll out the holiday cheer! Velvety-textured shots with complex low tones and tangy fruit accents. Syrupy dark chocolate, berry, lemon zest, salted plum, with hints of coriander and anise seed. Fantastic espresso!

Region: Ethiopia, Rwanda, El Salvador
Variety: Bourbon Types, Heirloom Types, Modern Hybrids
Altitude: Various
Processing: Various
Certification: Farm Gate

Farm Description:

A wet process Central American component helps lay the groundwork for a chocolate-centered flavor profile, and two dry process African coffees bring dark fruits and vibrance to the shot, and also add to creamy body and bittersweet low tones. The shots pull beautifully, producing a gold-flecked, velvety cap, which is no real indicator of quality but certainly looks attractive! Putting my nose to the cup, the aroma is filled with bittersweet chocolate laced with torched sugars, and dried fruits. The perceived acidity is moderated by how you pull your shot almost as much as roast level. My ristretto shots of a Full City roast (400 F 1st crack / 430 F finish) had a sharp lemon juice note up front that quickly gave way to bittersweet flavors of dark chocolate syrup and cocoa confections. This silky espresso weighs heavily on your palate, and letting it sit in your mouth gives you time to peel back complex layers of cocoa, dark chocolate ganache, lemon zest, and blueberry chocolate truffle. Longer pulls extract berry fruit flavors, like red raspberry, cranberry, and blueberry, while still keeping a spotlight pointed toward silky, bittersweet flavors. My darkest roast was right at the edge of Full City+, with a few snaps of 2nd Crack in the cooling tray (405F 1st crack / 445 finish). The level of sweetness was impressive amidst the roast intensity and low tones, and chocolate aspects are like dark chocolate with bittering cacao nibs, and fruit accents of salted plum, and blackberry reduction. The finish is so long and complex with subtle fruit and spice aromatic notes, like anise and coriander seed.

      Description from Coffee Shrub.

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